Chapter 26 – first post

I am so excited to start this blog, and to go on this beautiful adventure!

So basically this is what is going to happen:

Next week I will start my journey in Shanghai, China with my best friend from highschool – the one and only Dana Friedman (Dankeshen)

And from Shaghai we will start traveling China all the way to see the Pandas in Chengdu and the areas of Sichuan and Yunnan.

After we finish three weeks in this amazing country we will be traveling (I was about to write flying, but it’s actually a journey to get there) to a little island in the Philippines called Malapascua, where we are going to help build Neverland (referenced to Peter Pen indeed).

This our little piece of paradise, and this whole idea is a dream of my life partner John (aka Dror Lidror), who just fell in love with this amazing place, and decided to build a guest house in this paradise. He is already in the middle of work over there, and I can’t wait to join him in one month!

So this is the plan so far, just a week untill this amazing journey begins!

I’m so excited to share all of this with you, and if you want to stay tuned follow me on Instagram as well

That’s it for now!

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