Welcome to China!

So here I am! After 13 hours in the air I have landed in Shanghai!

I had expected China to be very strange, and I thought I would feel like a complete stranger – 外国人 waiguoren, outsider.

And most of the people I spoke to have prepared me to the fact that I won’t be able to practice my Chinese here because they won’t understand me, but actually they do! I said to one lady something in Mandarin and she was really surprised and asked me how I know Chinese, and she said my accent was good!

So China so far, had surprised me for the better, and here are a few thing I have learned so far from Shanghai:

  • Chinesne airport is very productive and friendly even if you don’t speak Chinese.
  • It’s very easy to set up your phone – local sim is sold in the airport, should be around 100yuan and with unlimited data. Also, if you download VPN you can logon to Facebook and Whatsapp and Google
  • You should download Wechat to communicate, it’s very easy and has translation built in.

So this is the super useful information I found out today, and it made me feel much more at ease.

Also, my Chinese is pretty good! So far everybody seem to understand what I say, it’s just that I don’t understand back.

Can’t wait already to have my Dandushinski (aka Dana) here tomorrow!

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