Shanghai post #2

Shanghai old vs. modern

Shanghai has two very common areas for tourists, the East side next to the Bund, and the West side of the city next to the French Concession.

I recommend both areas, they are a bit different but both combine old and modern and very comfortable for tourists.

We spent our last two days exploring the French Concession, and actually we found that it has a European vibe to it. The streets and coffe shops are very Western and modern, and we especially enjoyed the Lost Bakery and the Lost Heaven.

This is all very stylish and Western, but right next to all the big brands and luxury shops you will find a big temple!

The JingAn temple is so rich and beautiful, and creates a clear contrast against the city skyscrapers. Next to is a beautiful garden as well.

So overall, I would say that Shanghai is very beautiful and very modern, but it has a different vibe from the rest of China.

Next up is Chengdu! So I will keep you updated all the way from the city of Pandas!

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