Chengdu – Panda Post!

I can’t believe I finally saw pandas! They are so cute and fluffy! And lazy and funny…

So here we are – Chengdu city in Sichuan province. This should be the culinary center of China, but I have to say that food is still quit difficult here. The problem is that they really like to cook very strange animals, especially from the sea, and very strange parts of familiar animals, like pig ears and chicken legs (with the claws). So I try to go full veg here but it’s still tricky to get food because of the language. Also, they like to eat cooked food instead of raw, so no salads, but very good dumplings and cooked vegetables like buk-choi, broccoli, and other green stuff with a lot of garlic.

So we took a flight to Chengdu, and we didn’t know that, but there are a lot of taxi scammers in the airport, so we went straight to the taxi service.

Our first day we spent in the city, especially in the shopping district because Chengdu is much colder than we expected.

And on our second day we went to see the pandas!!!!!

The thing is that you can’t take a picture with them or hug them, unless you pay 200$ and join a volunteer program. But the Panda Base is very nice because it’s very open and if you arrive early you can see them feed. Oh and Dana spotted also the red panda!

Those lovely pandas are so funny and lazy, and they barely move. They mostly role. And they have very wired sleeping positions, like cats

This park took us half a day, then we went to the WenShu shrine, which is just beautiful! It has a wonderful garden and the famous red walls.

Oh and the funniest thing is going on here! The locals get really excited by our Western looks, especially because we don’t take organized tours and travel by ourselves. So we sat in a local restaurant and a ate local food in the famous Jinli street, and everybody took our picture!

It’s been a few exciting days!

Stay tuned for more updates, and follow our Insta accounts @dana and @xoxochrisxoxo

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